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Yinnoh empowers refugees and marginalized youth from the host community (school failures and drop-outs) to uncover their talents, skills, realize their passion and discover their purpose to unleash their potentials which later they will utilize to identify the most pressing challenge in the community and design possible solutions to the challenge, which in the end will become a social enterprise for them.


YINNOH is a unique transformative, open, and free innovative self-learning space that empowers Marginalized local youths and refugees to discover their potentials, uncover their talents, and develop them into social opportunities and later social enterprises.

We also support SMEs and Refugee Led Organisations to strengthen their capacity of operating for the creation of effective social impact.

YINNOH aims to provide a unique learning space where active learning and Project-based learning are core to the empowerment approach and therefore the scholar’s projects in it constitute the curriculum.

YINNOH is a Ugandan non-government organization. Founded in January 2020.


In Uganda, young refugees cannot find employment. The challenges most young refugees are facing is due to a lack of self-awareness, language barriers, and a complete lack of job opportunities, skills for the ability of employees, and opportunities that can enable them to develop their talents to create a dignified life and improved livelihood, and are expected to remain in trauma, stress, and frustrations, depression, hopelessness and most of them have resorted to early pregnancies and early marriages, prostitution, and Drug abuse.

All these problems are affecting youths/refugees who are in the productive age when these youth are exposed to entrepreneurship development training and social innovation training that will contribute to the economic development of the nations.

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Our Story

The idea of YINNOH was born in January 2020 from a refugee pain.

In 2017, due to natural deserters and political insecurities in Rd-Congo, Benjamin Abunuasi fled to Uganda where his life became worse than ever before. He looked for a job in the camp but would not find it. His mind focused on getting the resettlement which didn’t happen for him. He was frustrated and stressed and resorted to drugs as a way to release the mind and overdosed on 10 occasions.

He later discovered that many other young refugees face the same challenge in their camps, Benjamin Looked for a solution to support fellow refugees to become self-sustainable and valuable to their hosting community and the idea of YINNOH came in after his scholarship at the social innovation academy SINA.

 Tusiime Kenneth, Magamba Michael, Mulungi Rania, Kasaranga Nelson Fidel, and Atwijuka Catherine Co-founded YINNOH with Benjamin as they had the same pain and the passion to work toward transforming the lives of youth and refugees and now have become the drivers, the eyes, the ears and the hands of the initiative.

A few days later, we launched our first activity through a Hackathon in May 2020. The goal was to begin the empowerment of refugees but the challenge of covid19 came in just the beginning. That never allowed us to make the impact we intend for 2020. We launched the second program in September 2020 and 54 people were impacted and other activities picked up the torch over the following weeks!

Meet Our Team

We are an open team, committed, talented, ambitious, and passionate dealing with people with different background and always fitting to make the world a better place where everyone thrives

Meet Our Team




Founder and Chief Executive Officer

An enthusiast social entrepreneur and change maker with the track of driving increased support to youth and refugees.

Meet Our Team



Co-Founder and Secretary

Empowerment Lead among the young, the displaced persons, and marginalized youth through social innovation.

Meet Our Team




Women Empowerment Lead

Empathetic and understanding social creative woman, passionate about supporting and transforming the lives of youth and women.

Meet Our Team


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Co-Founder and Chief Programs Coordinator

A social entrepreneur and activist of justice, peace, and equality among humankind irrespective of race, status quo, tribe or nationality.

Meet Our Team



Field Officer

An adviser and counselor passionate about uplifting young people's lives, making their dreams come true, through different training model and activities.

Meet Our Team




Social Inclusion Coordinator

A human right activist, social entrepreneur, and free worshipper

We believe all refugees and marginalized youth can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

Empowering young refugees and dis-sustained marginalized youth of the host communities to live their real dreams, Potentials and promote their growth in communities.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where young refugees and dis-sustained marginalized youth of the host communities thrive, are self-employed, and fully contribute to their communities by creating social impacts all around the world. 

We Need Your Support Today!


We empower young refugees and marginalized youth from the host community to become social entrepreneurs and job creators.

Email: info.youthinnovationhub@gmail.com

Phone: +256-705-880-652

Location: Uganda, Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. Base Camp 1

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